Meet Our 2020 Researchers

The Effects of High-Impact Educational Practices on Community Engagement of Arts Alumni

Hwang and Kim examine how the experience of community-based, high-impact educational practices (HIPs) during college, in conjunction with the surrounding communities’ arts infrastructure, influences art alumni’s community-engaged activities throughout their careers and lives after graduation.

Jihee Hwang and Junghwan Kim, University of Oklahoma

Headshots of Jihee Hwang and Junghwan Kim

Parental Educational Attainment and Graduate Degrees

Whitaker and Wolniak look at inclusion and educational attainment in the arts, using SNAAP data to observe the connection between diversity and inclusion and parental education attainment in the arts. Additionally, they analyse the SNAAP cohort of art majors who go on to study business and law.

Amy Whitaker, New York University, and Gregory Wolniak, University of Georgia

Headshots of Amy Whitaker and Gregory Wolniak