Basic Cost to Participate

Base fees for participation in the 2022 SNAAP survey were reduced by as much as 54% from previous survey cycles, and are based on the number of arts degrees conferred by your institution in 2019 – 20 verifiable by IPEDS data as reported to the U.S. Department of Education.

Pricing Tiers

Tier 1<100 grads $1,500
Tier 2100-199 grads $2,000
Tier 3200-299 grads $3,000
Tier 4300-449 grads $4,000
Tier 5450 grads & up $5,500

Plus a one-time registration fee of $200

The emphasis of the 2022 SNAAP survey was to significantly expand survey participation to get the clearest picture of the field as possible. 

Standard Reports

Institutions receive detailed confidential analyses, including:

  • Institutional Report: Presents your alumni responses to all questions on the SNAAP questionnaire. Separate reports will be prepared for your undergraduate and graduate-level alumni (if applicable). Your reports will be provided in PDF and Excel format.
    • Recent cohort reports: SNAAP will provide Recent Graduates reports for both Undergraduate and Graduate levels at 2.5 years (approx.), 5 years and 10 years out
    • Qualitative data: Open-ended comments will be included in your reports.
    • MFR data visualizations: Participating institutions will receive graphical visualizations of the Most Frequently Requested data, including alumni satisfaction responses and percentage of employment attained within a year of graduation.
    • National benchmarking data: reports will also include benchmarking insights from the SNAAP 2022 aggregated national data.
  • Datafile: For your institution in easy to search and sort Excel format.

  • Updated alumni contact records: A national research firm searches for your graduates for whom you do not have an email address and you receive these updates

Customized Institutional Reports Available at Additional Cost

If participating institutions want additional analyses of their data, SNAAP is happy to accommodate. These add-on services will incur additional fees, estimated to range from $250 to $750, depending on time and effort required to produce.


SNAAP is grateful to the 2022 Sponsor institutions that helped to underwrite the participation of several institutions that could not afford the 2022 fees.