Strategic National Arts Alumni Project

snaap gathers, analyzes and reports on survey data from graduates of arts and design schools and colleges to understand the professional success, educational satisfaction, and personal fulfillment of arts alumni.

for institutions

2022 Survey registration has closed. SNAAP is pleased to announce the 120 institutions participating. This is the largest, most diverse group of institutions to ever participate. For the first time, several community colleges and HBCUs will take part in the survey.


Participating Institutions received their institutional-level reports in May 2023. The 2022 SNAAP survey was administered to arts alumni by email in October 2022 and closed in late November. 

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Our Approach

Learn what SNAAP did to improve the design and administration of the 2022 survey.

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Learn how administrators, faculty and staff use SNAAP data to improve their programs. 

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for the field

SNAAP offers robust national insights and data about arts and design alumni. The national aggregated data from the 2022 survey administration will be released to the field in September 2023.

National Data

Information gathered through SNAAP not only benefits arts training institutions, but also policy makers, arts leaders, and parents and students considering intensive arts training.

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SNAAP issues the DataBrief, a digest of key findings from our research.

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View presentations from researchers using the SNAAP data to explore and understand a range of topics.

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New Pricing

Fees for participation in the 2022 SNAAP survey were reduced by as much as 54% from previous survey cycles.

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New Funding

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a three-year grant of $650,000 to Arts + Design Alumni Research to administer the 2022 SNAAP survey.

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New Focus

New focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity; questions designed to measure the impact of COVID-19 on the lives and careers of arts alumni; greater emphasis on field-wide insight.

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